Event Makeup and Custom Body Bronzing by Westi

Event Makeup and Custom Body Bronzing by Westi
Photo by Brandy Fine Focus Photography

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Would you ever clean your ear with the handle of your makeup brush?

I really hope the majority of people who read this said NO to my question, but I was shocked to see NeNe Leakes clean her ear with the handle of her eyeshadow brush on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta as she was doing her makeup and carrying on a conversation. That vision has stayed in my  head for a few days and I just had to write about it. As a makeup artist, this made me cringe since we are always making sure our makeup and brushes are sanitary and clean. I have always admired NeNe's makeup and think it looks great, so I hope in the future she uses a cotton swab and has someone clean those brushes after she put them in her ear. Ewww. Now I am off to clean my brushes, (which I recommend everyone should try to do once a week) just because I cannot get that vision out of my head. 

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  1. Can't say I've ever done that...ick! Thank you for checking out my blog...I subbed to yours as well! :) Loving it, you are so beautiful and talented!