Event Makeup and Custom Body Bronzing by Westi

Event Makeup and Custom Body Bronzing by Westi
Photo by Brandy Fine Focus Photography

Friday, August 9, 2013

Treat Myself Friday (Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Revival Mud)

As I was rushing around today running errands and had to swing into Sephora for some lip glosses, I remembered that I needed to grab a face mask but didn't want to spend a fortune. So as I was browsing the various brands, I stumbled upon this gem by Sarah McNamara's  Miracle Skin Transformer line called the "Miracle Revival Mud Skin Restoring Treatment Mask". This mask also has an attractive price of $38. Of course being a skincare and makeup junkie, I rushed home to try it. It is a true mud mask in the sense that when you apply it it is thick and earthy and then dries up on the skin in a lovely earthy-green color. I felt a slight tingling sensation initially which then subsided by the 15 minute mark. After removing the mask, my skin felt clean, brighter, lighter and even a bit tighter. The mask states that it should invigorate, hydrate and detoxify. This is my first use but so far I am impressed. This mask reminded me of "Fango Mud" from Borghese if anyone of you are old enough to know what I am talking about? Overall,  I think for the price this is a great product and can't wait to try other products from the line. I also treated myself to the lovely lilies to add to my spa experience. I wish I could share their amazing scent!

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